Golf is a Sport. Golfers are Athletes. Train Like One!


Stephen Ladd – Founder

  • CHEK Certified Corrective & Performance Exercise Kinesiologist
  • TPI Certified Golf Fitness Trainer Level 3
  • TPI Certified Power Coach Level 2
  • TPI Certified Junior Golf Fitness Coach Level 2
  • CHEK Certified Golf Fitness Coach
  • Certified NLP Performance Coach

Stephen founded Renegade Golf in 1994, a full decade before golfers began to be considered athletes, or golf fitness became a buzz word. He is recognized as one of the top Golf Performance Coaches in the nation. He specializes in golf fitness, nutrition and alternative mental game strategies. He trains golfers of all levels how to prepare their bodies and brains for peak performance both in Central Ohio and surrounding states, and to thousands of golfers from over 47 countries via the Internet with his books, videos and audio programs.

Stephen has taken a rather unorthodox path in terms of education and accumulation of knowledge, combining traditional academic environments, mentorships, and self-described journeys. As an undergraduate student, he studied exercise physiology, psychology, and philosophy. After graduating summa cum laude from Miami University, he continued his graduate work in East-West Psychology and Comparative Religion at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco from 1991-1993.

Stephen continues to diversify his studies and skill acquisition with a wide variety of organizations, trainings and experiences ranging from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and the CHEK Institute (two of the leading organizations in the world for golf performance), to NLP and Hypnosis Master Trainings, and even sabbaticals to Southeast Asia and India.

Ryan Pozar – Golf Fitness Trainer

  • TPI Certified Golf Fitness Trainer
  • Graduate of The National Personal Training Institute
  • Graduate of The Renegade Golf Fitness & Human Form Internship Program

Ryan has been “a fitness geek” for most of his life (self-described).   His own challenges, and success overcoming, several past health issues has molded him as an empathic and compassionate coach.  In addition to his passion for all things related to health and fitness, Ryan has served in the military and as a federal civilian where his missions took him to Europe and the Middle East. These experiences has given him a unique and diverse perspective of the world, better allowing him to relate and effectively communicate with a wide spectrum of clientele..



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