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Medical Board

Renegade Golf Fitness consults with a Medical Advisory Board to ensure that proper protocols are employed for each and every member, in regards to exercise selection/intensity, nutrition, and relevant contraindications for any particular individual or condition.

Eric Serrano, M.D.

Serrano Family Practice

Pickerington, Ohio

Troy and Heather Walker, D.C

Advanced Wellness Center

Columbus, Ohio

Michael Loukas

  • Certified Advanced Rolfer
  • Board Certified Structural Integrator
  • Registered Craniosacral Therapist
  • Registered Polarity Practitioner

Worthington, Ohio

Josh and Christina Murphy D.C. ART

Murphy Chiropractic and Performance Center

* Active Release Technique

Grandview, Ohio

Chad Simmons, Physical Therapist, MAT, ART

Simmons Rehab and Wellness

Dublin, Ohio

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