“The Best In The Business Of Golf Fitness”

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best golf fitness experts in the country; from the Head PGA Tour Strength and Conditioning Coach to Head Strength and Conditioning coaches at some of the top universities in the country. In my opinion, Stephen Ladd is THE best golf fitness guy in the business. His knowledge base is incredible, he relates well to his clients, and he knows how to motivate and keep it fun at the same time. Most importantly, he truly cares about your success and his clients get RESULTS!

If you have a son or daughter who is serious about playing competitive golf, and who wants to play golf in college or in the professional ranks, then you need to work with Stephen and his team. They are simply the best. I trust him with my own two boys, as well as with all of the dedicated junior golfers I work with.

Brad Sparling
Junior Golf Coach/Mentor
Founder – Play Golf In College

Former Golf Coach at Duke University and Ohio State University
Coach of 14 Collegiate All-Americans and & 2 “National Collegiate Players of the Year”

“Great Help In My Tournaments”

“Working with Coach Stephen has been a great experience from the very beginning. The program he implements is not just about getting stronger in order to hit the ball as far as you can; instead, it is a comprehensive one that focuses on all aspects of your physical development. In working with him for a short time, I have noticed a significant difference in both my golf game and my overall physical well-being. This has been a great help in my tournaments and I will continue to use these programs during my college golf years to come.”

Ohio High School All-State Golfer
Name Witheld Due to NCAA Regulations

“Results Have Been Phenomenal!”

“Lack of attention to my general health and a busy lifestyle were quickly deteriorating my ability to properly make an athletic and powerful golf swing. Stephen created and help me implement a golf specific workout that turned me into a new man, both on and off the golf course. It is amazing how Stephen was able to FOCUS my time and energy with both the in studio and at-home workouts. These workouts were easily incorporated into my very busy lifestyle. Most importantly, the RESULTS have been phenomenal! My strength, balance and overall endurance on the golf course has increased ten fold! After working with Stephen my body moves naturally. My golf swing had returned to a simple turn back and turn thru motion simply because MY BODY IS BALANCED AND STRONG and capable of performing the athletic dynamic motion of the modern golf swing. Work with Stephen if you want to become a Free and Powerful swinger of the golf club!”

Matt Nawrocki

“No Longer Limited By Back Pain”

“I initially came into Renegade Golf Fitness as a post-rehab client to get rid of my chronic low back pain, and to be able to play golf without hurting for three days afterwards. I was able to achieve all of that and a great deal more. I am now stronger than I have ever been in my life, and am no longer limited by my back. Stephen and his team are always ultra-positive and that truly makes the workouts the highlight of my week.”

Mike Stemen
Columbus, OH

“A Mentor To Future Champions”

“Stephen Ladd should not be called a golf fitness trainer, because he is so much more than that. His extensive knowledge of the human body, the demands of sport, nutrition and psychology all add up to the most comprehensive approach available today. He is able to talk in scientific terms with academics, and at the same time communicate with juniors in way that gets them excited and compliant, far better than their parents or doctor. The sport of golf is fortunate to have him as a mentor to the future champions.”

Eric Serrano MD
Medical consultant to hundreds of athletes worldwide

“Parents, Get Your Kids On This Program!”

Stephen, you have done it again, by developing the most complete and easy to follow golf training program for juniors on the market today. I cannot wait to get my junior students started!! Parents should get their kids started on this program as soon as possible.

Dave Proffitt
PGA Professional

“I’m Always Stronger Than My Competition”

“I have been training with Coach Stephen since I was eleven, and just recently committed to a university on a golf scholarship. The stuff that I have learned, including my golf fitness workouts, nutrition and mental game have all played a big role in my success in AJGA tournaments through high school, and now being able to play at the college level. I have always felt stronger than my competition, both mentally and physically (I just crushed a 300 yard drive last week!). Big props to Stephen!”

Division 1 Collegiate Golfer (starting in Fall 2012)
Name Witheld Due to NCAA Regulations

“To This Day, I Am Truly Thankful”

“Stephen Ladd used his expertise to provide a personalized fitness plan for my unique golf challenges and goals. His dedication and motivation to achieving the best in all levels of competition is contagious. He helped me prepare to train and compete at an intense level. I entered the world of collegiate golf knowing how to train and assured in my preparation. Stephen was a motivator, coach, trainer and supportive companion, spurring me on to accomplish my goals and then to set new ones. To this day, I am truly thankful.”

Ashley Baker
Former Collegiate Golfer, Furman University

“My Golf Instructor Is Pleased”

“After working with the Renegade golf Fitness program, especially the Resistance Stretching and the strength and power phases, I have gotten a significant improvement in my distance with all my clubs, while swinging with more ease and fluidity. My instructor is very pleased with my ability to keep my spine angle constant throughout my swing, which has improved my consistency and scoring.”

Brad Halley
Columbus, OH

“My Distance Is Off The Charts”

“Since I started training at The Renegade Golf Institute, my golf game has improved by leaps and bounds. I have more flexibility, balance and strength. Both my distance and accuracy has been off the charts. Also, the Metabolic Typing Nutrition Plan helped me to lose over 50 pounds, and feel like I can play 36 holes and keep up with guys half my age.”

Joe Parsley
Columbus, OH

“This Mindset Is Incredible”

“As a PGA Professional, I play a lot of tournament golf, and find myself in a lot of pressure situations. Coach Stephen has given me the simple tools and techniques to get myself into a calm and focused state before my events. Being able to step up to the first tee with this mindset is incredible.”

Paul Hobart
PGA Professional

“My Golf Buddies Have Taken Notice”

“The biggest improvement I’ve noticed occurs after playing 18 holes of golf. I have more energy and am not tired at the end of a round. Also, my back isn’t sore the next day. I’ve been able to hit the ball further, with less effort. My drives are now averaging around 275 yards (I even hit a 320!) My golf buddies with have taken noticed. Getting in better physical shape has allowed me to concentrate more on the mechanics of the game, making me a better golfer.”

Tim Van Fossen
Columbus, OH

“First Hole In One In 20 Years”

“In addition to your excellent book curing me after 6 years of the yips, I got my first hole in one after 20 years during a recent outing in Spain. A coincidence…I don’t think so! Thanks to you I’m swinging better, feeling better, and playing better than ever. This stuff is really GREAT!”


Davie Kinloch
Glasgow, Scotland

“Thank You!”

“I have NEVER felt more relaxed and in control on the course! I have consistently driven the ball well and have really improved my greens-hit-in-regulation and short putting (from 6ft and in). I look forward to continuing your re-enforcement techniques and I am confident that I will continue to improve my scoring. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Tom B.
Lihue, Kauai